It’s time to fight for church-state separation like your life depends on it--because it does!

Our nation and our state promise everyone the freedom to believe as we want, as long as we don't harm others. AU has been fighting to protect the separation of church and state for 75 years, and the Greater Houston chapter has been active for over 25 years. We need you to join us in the fight!

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Join Americans United to protect real religious freedom for all!  An annual membership starts at only $35 and includes a subscription to AU's award-winning magazine Church & State. Higher levels of contribution bring additional benefits. You can also sign up to give monthly.

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You'll become a member of both our chapter and the national organization. Your initial gift will support our chapter directly. If you give your email address, we can start letting you know right away about chapter activities.

If you join through the national organization, please ask to be a member of our chapter.

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Volunteer with Us!

Help us protect religious freedom in our community! You'll engage with like-minded folks who are working together to present  inspiring and educational events or to raise public awareness about AU's issues in our community. You can use your skills or learn new ones–-and you may not need to leave your home!

Ways you can help include:
· Posting to our social media
· Planning an educational or advocacy event or activity
· Partnering with faith leaders
· Strengthening ties with a specific community or organization
· Writing letters to the editor

Email us to learn more or offer your ideas, interests, or skills.

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Report a Violation

If you have been harmed by or have learned of conduct that you think may violate church-state separation or religious freedom, AU may be able to help.

See some examples of violations, learn more about your rights, or submit a confidential complaint at Report a Violation.

Report a Violation

Invite Us to Speak

Are you a member of a club, group, or congregation that has guest speakers? The Greater Houston chapter can provide speakers on topics related to the separation of religion and government. 

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A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. AU is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. AU's federal ID is #53-0184647.

You can make a tax-deductible gift that isn’t your renewal by clicking on the “DONATE” button or mailing a check to:
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Other Ways

You can support AU in other ways, including employer matching, a gift subscription to Church & State, a tribute donation in someone’s memory or honor, a bequest, funds from your IRA or Donor Advised Fund, and more. See AU’s Donation FAQ’s for details.

If you’d like your gift to go to our chapter, please either specify that to AU’s development department or let us know of your gift.

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Join Faith Leaders United

Faith Leaders United is a diverse network of faith leaders from across the United States dedicated to protecting religious freedom for all people, while also ensuring that religion is not used to harm others. We believe that religion should lift up, protect, and serve others.

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