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If you care about religious freedom, if you care about racial justice, if you care about LGBTQ equality, if you care about reproductive freedom, if you care about democracy--you should be an outspoken champion of church-state separation. If you live in the Greater Houston area, you should stand with our chapter.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State brings together people of all religions and none to fight in the courts, legislatures, and the public square to protect religious freedom for all. Religious freedom should be used as a shield to protect, not a sword to harm.

The Greater Houston chapter works to promote and protect this fundamental right in the Houston area and in Texas through education, advocacy, and collaboration with other local and Texas organizations, activists, faith leaders, and houses of worship.

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Americans United is the only organization dedicated solely to defending the separation of church and state. We are the shield protecting the foundational American principle of freedom of religion — including the right to believe or not believe — for all.

How AU Protects Religious Freedom

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